What are we doing?

  • Understanding what SXTA members want on Treaty lands
  • Seeking input from community about what they want to see created on Treaty lands
  • Identify areas of priority that community members feel as being critical
  • Building off land selection projects and economic development (wealth and employment) for communities

Why is planning for Treaty lands important?

  • To make sure the needs of the SXTA citizens, now and in the future, are being met
  • To make sure that all SXTA citizens are included in the communities created (children, youth, elders etc.)

What does planning include?

It is based on the Sto:lo perspective and world view. It includes:

  • cultural use
  • traditional and current land-use
  • development
  • planning for future generations
  • residential, commercial, industrial, housing, parks and playspaces, job development
  • designing for environment, people, and long-lasting use

What is land-use planning?

  • Identifying needs of the community that create development on the lands
  • Takes into consideration our future, culture and environment
  • Makes sure that development works together, for example not building a factory by a school or busy road by a park

What are the different land uses in planning?

Let's introduce some characters that will help discuss this:

Erma Environment

  • parks, trails, recreation and play spaces, growing food, raising animals for food, keeping things green

Clara Commercial

  • stores, restaurants, paint shops, creating jobs, making money

Ian Industry

  • forestry, lumber mills, gravel pits, creating jobs, making money

Irene Institution

  • schools, universities, government, courts

Charlie Cultural

  • tradition, long houses, fishing, hunting

Roger Residential

  • houses, apartments, townhouses


Pick the top 3 land uses that are important to you:


Rank what is most important to you:


How important to you are the following?

Land-Use Planning Activity

In the following slide, you will be able to assign the characters we introduced earlier to different areas.

This will allow you to indicate how you would like the land to be used.

For example, pick Erma if you'd like to reserve the land for parks or Ian if you'd like the land to be used for forestry.


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